Outil 6 – Définir la limite fonctionnelle de l’exploitation et identifier les principaux problèmes

Cet outil permet de définir la limite fonctionnelle de l’exploitation de métaux ou minière ainsi que les domaines sur lesquels les parties prenantes pensent que l’entreprise exerce une influence.

Guide en plusieurs étapes


Download the Excel-based action register (p28) to help with recording responses to the questions and prompts in the Assessment step of this guide


Define the functional boundary of the mining or metals operation by:

  • Evaluating the physical characteristics of the hydrological system
  • Identifying environmental, social, economic and institutional systems operating within the catchment
  • Identifying the areas that stakeholders perceive the company has influence over including catchments associated with the upstream water supply and groundwater aquifers that cross catchment boundaries – relevant if boreholes are being used


Identify stakeholder concerns and perceptions:

  • Map stakeholders
  • What are the local stakeholder concerns for the catchment?
  • Are any of the local stakeholder concerns linked with the operation’s activities?
  • What is the nature of stakeholder perceptions?
  • Which areas do stakeholders perceive the operation to have influence over?

Les meilleurs conseils :

  • Download (p29) further considerations and resources to help Step 2.

    Download (p30) further considerations and resources to help with step 3.

Communauté, Économie, Environnement, Éthique professionnelle, Gestion, Restauration

Définir la portée du bassin versant

Exemple hypothétique d’analyse et de test des étapes proposées pour définir la portée d'un bassin versant