Tool 10 – Cross Functional Teams, Engagement Objectives and Iterative Consultation

This brings together all the tools in the Assessment section to engage cross-functional teams and build water stewardship into internal structures and processes. It also aids proper identification of stakeholder issues and concerns.

Step Guide


Engage cross-functional teams in risk and vulnerability assessment


Build water stewardship into internal structures and processes


Clarify objectives of the engagement process


Define stakeholder participation process


Consult stakeholders to hold a repeat participation process to identify issues and perceptions

Considerations for each of the steps:

Step 1 –

  • Bring together representatives from key parts of the organisation to participate in collective risk assessment processes
  • Use internal risk assessment procedures where relevant

Step 2 –

  • Establish governance structures for water stewardship and risk assessment
  • Incorporate water stewardship into strategies, plans and procedures
  • Incorporate water stewardship into relevant roles and responsibilities
  • Incorporate water stewardship in to key performance indicators

Step 3 –

  • Inform external stakeholder groups of your role and clarify your interests in engaging with them
  • Listen to their perspectives and understand their expectations of your role, and the results of engagement

Step 4 –

  • Develop a clear stakeholder engagement plan, stating which forum
  • Define the objectives for engagement and frequency of interaction
  • Define key indicators of progress or challenges

Step 5 –

  • Initiate consultation with stakeholders to understand their issues and perceptions
  • Several consultation sessions should be conducted to ensure trust is built; various stakeholders should be consulted and all issues are addressed