Tool 9 – Understand the Operation’s Catchment Risks

Tool 9 helps prioritise the operation’s water risks in the catchment across its life cycle.

Step Guide


Identify water-related risks

  • Download Figure 6 (p40) to view commonly encountered water risks – this is not an exhaustive list but serves as a potential framework
  • Where a company has its own water-related risk categories, it is appropriate to use these


Assess the pathways associated with the key risks

  • Assess the causes and consequences of water risks
  • What are the direct risks that are likely to impact the operation
  • What are the indirect risks associated with the operation’s activities
  • What are the broader catchment risks that may affect operations?


Prioritise and identify material risks

  • Download Figure 7 (p42) to view an example of a bow-tie risk assessment
  • Operations should rank the magnitude of water risks through the use of existing internal risk assessment processes
  • Ensure risk assessments are included in financial risk management

Top Tips:

  • Download (p41) further considerations and resources to help Step 2.

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Understanding the operation’s catchment risks

A hypothetical example of understanding and finding solutions to catchment risks