Tool 11 – Understand Response Options to Mitigate Water Risk

This helps evaluate potential response options to mitigate priority water risks.

Step Guide


Determine if water risks can be mitigated by internal action

  • Download Figure 9 (p48): Matching risks to response categories
  • Determine whether the risk can be mitigated through internal action, or if it requires an external response, or a combination of both
  • External response will only be required if internal action is not adequate
  • If internal action is the most appropriate response, it should be aligned with existing company risk management policies and procedures
  • Download Figure 10 (p49): Standard hierarchy of controls’ hazard management procedure


Identify potential external response options

  • View response options (p50)
  • Understand the range of available response options – looking at classes of response, the costs, effort and risks inherent in implementing them