Tool 13 – Develop a Response Strategy

Tool 13 aids development of a clear response strategy and water risk governance and monitoring arrangements. This helps ensure goals are clear, resources are effectively mobilised and responsibility for delivery is established.

Step Guide


Bring together internal key management personnel and multidisciplinary teams to develop a strategy for delivering the identified response interventions


Differentiate between immediate, medium and long term actions


Develop the strategy –

  • Consider the company’s risk appetite and the degree of ambition for water stewardship issues
  • Consider if preventative or mitigating interventions are the most appropriate
  • Look at internal company resources, financial and human
  • Consider the maturity of the catchment

Top Tips:

  • The final strategy should include:

    • A clearly stated objective
    • A set of strategic actions
    • A clear timetable/deadline for achieving the strategy
    • A monitoring and evaluating plan to ensure progress is on track
    • A plan for continuous improvement and learning from responses
    • Definition of key roles and responsibilities