Tool 12 – Evaluate Potential Responses

Tool 12 aids evaluation of potential interventions including partners, risks and benefits.

Step Guide


Consider opportunities for engaging other partners

  • Look at opportunities, benefits and risks of partnerships.
    Understand the company’s internal capacity and consider the ambition and capacity of other partners in order to meaningfully engage


Assess risks and opportunities for potential responses

  • Clearly define possible interventions from the response options. This will depend upon the chosen response option, levels of engagement, company capacity and the risks and opportunities posed by that particular response

Considerations for each of the steps:

Step 1 –

  • Understand partnership and collaboration models.
    Consult the CEO Water Mandate’s Guide to water-related collective action. This explores opportunities, approaches, benefits, risks of engagement, managing stakeholder interactions and response to catchment-related issues
  • Building partnerships will be most successful when tailored to the motivation and capacity of all involved
  • Consider required skills and capabilities to establish and manage partnerships

Step 2 –

  • Is the response proactively looking at the causes to the risk?
  • What level of engagement does the company require?
  • Over the lifespan of the response, what level of cost and operational support is required?
  • Who will need to be involved to deliver the response? Are they credible?
  • Consider additional risks and internal mitigations actions
  • Can the company reduce involvement or exist the partnership as the intervention succeeds and /or the activities are terminated?

Community, Economics, Environment, Ethical Business, Management, Rehabilitation

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Community, Economics, Environment, Ethical Business, Management, Rehabilitation

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