Element 1 – Understand: What is community support?

This toolkit provides an initial framework to help understand and measure community support. Seven key factors influence a positive outcome and need to be evaluated together.

The four main indicators – legitimacy, compatibility, respect and trust – overlap and influence each other and cannot be fully understood if three contextual factors – socio-political and governance, reputation and equity and social capital – have not be examined and considered alongside the initial four indicators.

These indicators and contextual factors are designed to find key variables and identify specific actions aimed at strengthening community-company relationships.

Indicators of community support and contextual factors:


Key factors:

Socio-political and governance (p17)

  • government legitimacy and capacity
  • legitimacy and accountability of political processes

Reputation (p18)

  • mining industry legacy and current reputation
  • company-specific reputation from other operation contexts

Equity and social considerations (p18)

  • community impact and benefit from a mine
  • perception of costs and benefits
  • reciprocal nature of social relations

Legitimacy (p13)

  • legal authorisations
  • alignment with societal expectations
  • individual acceptance

Compatibility of interests (p14)

  • interests are aligned or complementary and not mutually exclusive
  • interactions are seen as win-win

Respect (p14)

  • interpersonal dynamics
  • cultural boundaries and practices
  • information sharing
  • joint problem solving and decision-making

Trust (p15)

  • trustfulness
  • credibility
  • transparency
  • alignment between expectations and capacity