Social Transition Integration In Planning At Landau Colliery, South Africa (Anglo American)

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Anglo American completed the scoping, development and implementation of a social transition plan for their mine in Mpumalanga during operations to reduce closure liabilities. The plan followed a well-defined process and project management approach to better define the scope.  The work demonstrated that the following processes supported successful social transition planning:

  • Integrate the social transition plan into the overall mine closure plan
  • Review and update existing operational processes in line with the plan
  • Develop a detailed stakeholder engagement plan
  • Update and improve the current social transition plan by implementing the stakeholder engagement plan
  • Use the Basis of Estimate document and the Risk Assessment as living documents and operational tools to be updated which will improve the social transition plan and estimate
  • Move from ‘our plan’ to ‘their future’

Anglo American incorporates social transition into their operations. As a corporation they have identified that improving operational activities will maximise the reduction of post‐closure residual impacts and obtain the best value from allocated resources and funds.