Sustainable Post-Closure Land Uses – Misima Mines Limited, Papua New Guinea

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Placer Dome Asia Pacific’s Misima Mine is located on the island of Misima.

The mine, now in the final stages of closure, serves as an example of how biodiversity considerations can be integrated into closure planning, the company recognised that complete restoration of the pre-impact ecosystem was not a realistic objective.

Through extensive consultation with the PNG Government and the community, the company developed a rehabilitation strategy designed to meet the requirements of the local people in terms of garden land and forest products as well as environmental goals such as long-term stability, biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.

Progressive rehabilitation has meant that 80 per cent of disturbed areas had already been rehabilitated. Over time, colonization from unmined areas will increase the number of species present, resulting in biodiversity objectives being met and the development of a sustainable forest capable of meeting the community’s needs.

A monitoring program has been implemented to assess long-term rehabilitation objectives. Training and research programs have been established to provide the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustainably manage the forest in conjunction with other commercial agricultural cash crops.

Note: Barrick Gold Inc. took over Placer Dome in early 2006 and now has this site under its closure department.


For a more detailed account of this case study please refer to ICMM’s Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity (p45)