Involving Communities in Mine Life Planning – Gregory Crinum Coal Mine, Australia

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Gregory Crinum consists of two coal mines operated by the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA). The community consultation methods used by BMA to develop its Mine Life Plan are an example of how mining companies can involve stakeholders in helping to make key decisions on long-term land use issues.

The process commenced with a public meeting, followed by local stakeholders forming a Community Working Group.  Input from the group was used to work out the best future-use options, establish the right vegetation and anything else required to translate the plan into reality. The group developed criteria to measure the mines’ rehabilitation efforts. A review process was developed to ensure the Plan evolved over time to reflect changing community values and advances in scientific knowledge. Specific success measures were developed for post-mining land uses.

The ongoing review process will involve the mine circulating information on any developments that may affect the mine plan. Members meet annually to review the Mine Life Plan, measure current rehabilitation progress against success measures and if necessary, make changes to the Plan. BMA is now using a similar approach to develop rehabilitation and mine closure strategies at the company’s other coal mines.


For a more detailed account of this case study please refer to ICMM’s Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity (p48)