Establishing a collective approach to offshore security

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In-country stakeholders should hold structured meetings on a regular basis to discuss security and human rights issues and collectively raise concerns with host governments.

In one Southeast Asia country, private sector companies organized a series of forums to reach industry consensus on a strategy to secure offshore oil and gas development. More specifically, the forum assessed the potential and perceived risks of operating offshore, the government’s existing capability to provide protection, and the need for companies to protect their personnel and assets within the guidelines and context of the VPS.

The original forum audience was comprised of oil and gas companies operating in-country and served as a general brainstorming session. The second session resulted in a prioritized list of safety and security requirements from the private sector which was forwarded to the country’s leading industry association. The association, as the collective voice of industry, took the lead and presented the industry requirements and funding strategy and recommendations to the host government which will begin to organize open forums with all stakeholders – industry, government, and civil society. The ultimate goal is a comprehensive and fully approved solution that maintains the safety and security of operations within an operating framework that ensures respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.