Sharing Knowledge of Culture and Country

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For some traditional owners communities, the landscape and its features provide sustenance and spiritual attachment. The stories communicated through song and dance and the ongoing practice of “ceremony” traditional practices give places and features significance. To minimize impacts to Aboriginal heritage and culture, Teck consults with traditional owners in culturally appropriate ways to promote mutual understanding and co-operation.

In recent years, more than 30 Aboriginal people from four distinct groups have worked alongside Teck staff as heritage monitors and field assistants, learning new skills and sharing their knowledge of culture and country. Teck works with each group individually, recognizing the unique challenges for each, always in a broader legal and social context.

As they engage, Teck encourages participation and seeks ways to build the capacity of people to manage their own affairs and fulfil their personal goals. From the numerous requests for assistance, Teck has supported the provision of cultural awareness workshops, strategic planning, sea ranger programs, administrative training and providing pathways for employment – all initiatives of the groups with which they work.