Understanding the operation’s catchment risks

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After reading through the guide, you realise there are a range of catchment dynamics that, when combined with the operations’s own vulnerabilities, have the potential to lead to material water risks.

Hypothetical activities

  1. Consult the operation’s internal risk assessment framework and the well-established ISO 31000 risk management framework.
  2. Explore how catchment issues, (Tool 7), have the potential to create catchment-based risks for the operation.
  3. To help identify these different risks, undertake a qualitative “traffic light” scoring approach, as shown in Figure 8.
  4. In identifying material risks, recognise that you should consider both the significance of impact on the operation and the likelihood of its occurrence in the catchment.
  5. Seek to understand the operation’s ability to control or influence the risk. This allows you to filter out issues and highlight major concerns requiring a response. Your assessment has allowed you to prioritise risks, and identify the following material risks:
  • water security in the catchment
  • catchment and receiving water degradation from external issues
  • community issues and concerns
  • increasing cost of water.